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Useful Islay Tips

When travelling to Islay make sure you book your flights or ferry at your earliest convenience. To book a ferry visit the website of Caledonian MacBrayne at www.calmac.co.uk. Daily flights to and from Glasgow and Edinburgh are operated by Loganair. Bookings can be made through their website on www.loganair.co.uk. For more information about Islay, News, photographs and more background information please visit any of the links below:

www.islayinfo.com – Islay Info Guide to our Island

www.islay.blog – Islay Holiday Frequently Asked Questions

www.island-light.photography – Photo Galleries of Islay

Contact Details

If you have any questions about our holiday accommodation or if you would like to book our accommodation by email or phone rather than booking it online please feel free to get in touch. We can take your booking over the phone or by email and send you payment instructions for your deposit. As soon as your deposit has arrived we will mark your period confirmed in our calendar. Thanks for contacting us.

Address: 8 Livingston Way, Port Ellen, Islay, PA42 7EP

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